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Product Care

Please ensure all products are secured appropriately to avoid injury from tipping or falling. Saw tooth hangers and brackets are included with our products, however wall fixing devices are not provided. This is due to different types of walls in your home. For suitable fixing information, please contact a specialised vendor.

We use a range of finishes on our wooden decor. Please check below for the care instructions to ensure the longevity of your Monkeyverse product.

Hardwax Oil Care Info

Hard Wax Oil offers exceptional protection for internal timber products. It is a low maintenance, highly durable, food safe coating.

We recommend wiping over with a damp cloth to remove dust regularly. Do not use any chemicals to clean your product with this coating..

Painted Care Info

We use a premium acrylic paint that provides exceptional durability to timber surfaces, while providing excellent dirt and stain resistance. Suitable for both interior and exterior.

We recommend wiping over with a damp cloth to remove dust regularly. Paint may chip or wear if bumped or scratched.

Raw Care Info

You have the option to purchase our products in a raw timber state. We recommend you coat them with a paint, wax or varnish prior to use to maintain the surface, as wood may stain or warp if not protected.