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FREE SHIPPING over $75 | $9.95 Flat Rate |
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Handcrafted with care

Australian owned & operated

Made from sustainable timber

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At Monkeyverse, all our products are handcrafted from sustainable timber, which makes our home décor truly stand out.

Were you aware that as much as 13% of waste in landfill is wood and timber products?

Our mission is to create eco-friendly, sustainable home décor, and set an example for future generations.

Each piece of our sustainable timber is cut, planed, trimmed, sanded, stained and assembled by us at our Brisbane workshop.

Our home décor products are not mass-produced; it is not ‘fast’ furniture made from compressed cardboard. Our sustainable wood furniture is real wood good, built tough and designed to last.

Timber has a story to tell; it has imperfections, but not faults. Each piece is unique, and we embrace the beauty of the timber. Our overall aim is to create classic modern furniture and décor. A sustainable wooden home décor piece that will stand the test of time.

We endeavour to use every piece we can in an eco-friendly way and set an example for sustainable home décor in Australia. The scrap pieces we have are donated for firewood, which helps in heating homes, while the wood shavings are used for animal bedding on farms in Queensland.

By purchasing a Monkeyverse product, you are helping to create a sustainable future and we hope to make a small difference with our eco-friendly products.

We're planting trees!